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Media Relations

Trusted By Media To Deliver The Story And The Facts

Media relations is often at the heart of how we achieve results. In contrast to paid advertising or promotion, we work to generate earned media coverage which carries much greater value since it positions you, your company or cause as an expert source on what’s being reported by news outlets. Our long-standing relationships with media resources – combined with a keen sense of what resonates with journalists – have resulted in news stories reaching millions of people, contributing to successful outcomes for clients.


However, there are times you may find yourself on the defensive, or when publicity may not be in your best interest. The news media is not the enemy, but “no comment” can understandably be misinterpreted. We’ve earned the trust of reporters and most want and are willing to consider all the facts. Just in case that tough interview comes your way, we will prepare you with focused messaging to ensure your side of the story gets through. 

We Get More Earned Media

With no less than 5 mega-developments underway and more in the planning stages, the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County are being transformed like never before. From office space in the largest business district in Florida to experiential retail, and from first-to-market restaurants to urban living, the excitement has created an incredible level of interest not only throughout the community, but among local and national media outlets as well. Martin Communications’ positive relationships with the media and expertise in media relations have resulted in valuable earned media coverage and publicity for some of the hottest new destinations and companies in the region.

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