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Community Engagement

People Have Questions...Be Sure They Get The Right Answers

The communities in which we live, work and play – and the people who make up those communities – are very important to us. We are protective of those surroundings, seeking only the betterment of our health, safety, and welfare. So, it’s no surprise that when certain changes or initiatives are proposed, people have questions…and if those questions aren’t answered, people will draw their own conclusions.


That’s why community engagement is so important, and another area where Martin Communications has a proven track record of success. Whether for a property rezoning, seeking approval for new residential development or office building, or rolling out a health and safety campaign, we can help inform and educate residents and other stakeholders.

We Can Be Agents Of Change

A regional affiliate of a well-known national nonprofit organization has for decades contracted with a federal agency, offering a residential program providing individuals with the skills and assistance they need to transition back into the community. The program, which operates out of a large facility in the City of Tampa, had grown to a point that put it at odds with changed city zoning rules, with future growth still anticipated. Martin Communications worked closely with the nonprofit’s legal firm, handling communications to surrounding property owners and public testimony before City Council, resulting in unanimous approval for the zoning changes and no community opposition.

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